Visual identity for Projeto Refúgio's exhibition "O equilíbrio dos barrancos", a program coordinated by ASP. Curated by Guilherme Teixeira and Carollina Lauriano and directed by Daniela Machado.
Modo Turbo
Modo Turbo
Visual identity for Modo turbo, Luísa Sonza, Anitta and Pabllo Vittar's music video directed by Alaska. In collaboration with Gabriela Osilio and illustrations by Fernanda Prado
Tudo posso naquilo que me fortalece
"Tudo posso naquilo que me fortalece" poster, designed for Verbo Cartaz workshop. Risograph print by Risotropical
Pedro Geraldo
Business card for Pedro Geraldo
A morte de lázaro
Poster for "A morte de Lázaro", film directed by Bertô
Visual identity for Raio Verde collection
Sofia foi
Poster for "Sofia was", filme by Pedro Geraldo. Illustration by Sofia Tomic
Arquivo pessoal
Personal archive
Livros de Mary Gaitskill
Mary Gaitskill book covers, published by Fósforo
Arquivo pessoal
Personal archive
Prints for Toca
Visual identity for Imita model shop
Lettering for Borderline, Tove Lo's music video directed by Nogari
Zineu Simionato
Visual identity for Zineu Simionato
Arquivo pessoal
Personal archive
Arquivo pessoal
Personal archive
They don’t come in peace
Poster for "They don't come in peace", movie by Pedro Oranges and Victor Cazuza. Photo by Bel Lafer
Arquivo pessoal
Personal archive
Flyer for Fresca. Risograph print by Riso Trip visual identity. Illustration with Luiza Formagin, motion by Diego Aragão
Poster for Mormaço
Publication for Marcel Broodthaers’ exhition "Décor", at Gomide&Co. In collaboration with Frederico Floeter
Visual identity for O&O studio
Convite para festa de Halloween
Invitation for a Halloween party
Visual Identity for Remo
Pedro Oranges
Visual identity for Pedro Oranges
Fratura filmes
Business card for Fratura Filmes
Arquivo pessoal
Personal archive
Visual identity for Miya
Visual identity for "Tantas coisas" column, from Monkeybuzz
Invitation for Amorphophallus and Toca store opening
Visual identity for Tremma collective
Arquivo pessoal
Personal archive
Há uma profeta nas Olaias
Poster for "Há uma profeta nas Olaias", film by Lucas Camargo de Barros
Marília Marz
Visual identity for Marília Marz
Cine Mormaço
Poster for Mormaço
No espelho
"No espelho" publication. In collaboration with Bel Lafer
Filmes de amor
Artwork for Filmes de amor
Catedral do silêncio
Poster for "Catedral do silêncio", film directed by Guilherme Gil de Oliveira
Vintage vegetais e variantes
Business card for "Vintage, vegetais e variantes"
Arquivo pessoal
Personal archive
Estamos todos na sarjeta
Poster for "Estamos todos na sarjeta, mas alguns de nós olham as estrelas", film by João Marcos de Almeida and Sergio Silva. Illustration by Tainah Negreiros
All That Drag
Lettering for All that Drag documentary, directed by Rafael Barioni and Toni Dri
À Paulistana
À Paulistana zine, by Rafael Bahia
Janaina Afhonso
Business card for Janaína Afhonso

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