Cora is a rooftop restaurant located in downtown São Paulo. Offering seasonal and fresh food, the menu consists of shareable dishes that are lean and well-executed, highlighting the best in each ingredient. In Greek mythology, “Cora” is the original name of Persephone, goddess of agriculture and vegetation. When Hades kidnaps her and holds her for half the year, the climate on Earth is severely shaken, and thus nature’s seasons are created. Inspired by the myth, the restaurant’s identity focuses on the power and delicacy of the elements: the striking typographic logo, characterized by angular lines, is combined with the Narcissus design, referencing the flower that Cora picked at the moment she was kidnapped. This symbol was consolidated as an important element in the restaurant environment, applied on the back of the uniforms to identify staff members and at the entrance of the building, on the luminous sign alongside the logo. While the physical applications are more raw, in digital communication a subtle peripheral gradient is used in the complementary tones of the palette, adding even more lightness and property to the brand.


Visual identity


Graphic design
Beatriz Dórea

Motion design
Júnior Morimoto

Architectural project

Case study photography
Beatriz Dórea, Isabela Vdd, Eduardo Magalhães, Pedro Ferrarezzi