Duto is an independent platform dedicated to dissemination, discussion and intersection between art, architecture and other disciplines. Based in São Paulo, it promotes experimental exhibitions in formats that vary from virtual to itinerant events. The identity was conceived on the occasion of the project’s launch, the exhibition “Deslocal”, and then unfolded into social networks as a language that generates infinite possibilities. The variable logo is placed in a multifaceted logic in which, instead of a grid and classic compositional elements, the structures are designed with segments of straight lines and ogives whose combinations suggest countless meanings: routes, dialogues, connections, reverberation, tangency, inside and outside. The use of an extensive color palette adds even more property to the set, since blue, the main color of the brand, is applied to all texts and lines, while other colors are restricted to backgrounds and filling, creating a visual trademark as this particular organization is repeated in communications.


Visual identity


Graphic design
Alles Blau, Beatriz Dórea

General direction
Olivia Abrahão

Francesca Tedeschi

Risograph print
Estúdio Tropical

Event photography
Pedro Cunha

Folder photography
Beatriz Dórea, Rodrigo Lins