Mil Coisas Invisíveis



Tim Bernardes is a Brazilian singer and songwriter who navigates between indie and MPB (Brazilian popular music). In his second solo album, Mil Coisas Invisíveis, the artist creates an ethereal atmosphere without letting go of the sumptuous and intimate essence that he has been building throughout his career. Designing the cover was an immersive process that started with photo production. The artist was looking for a dreamlike, unidentifiable landscape “neither here nor there”. The images resulted in scenes that seem to be from another time or a moment that did not exist, resembling a distant memory. The final image is composed of few elements in an open and luminous setting, attracting the viewer to the photo’s central theme: the match that burns in Tim’s hands as a metaphor for the impermanence that marks the singer’s new phase.

For the graphic design project, the green frame was hand made with Tim, and overlaps with the photo, containing the mysterious atmosphere of the image behind it. Forming an irregular circle, this symbol repeats in other applications, such as single covers and music videos. The 8- and 16-pointed stars were also used as graphic icons in the project, as a mystical detail that, in the compositions, is part of the layout structure concentrating the elements at the 4 corners. The vinyl version was produced and distributed in Brazil by Coala Records and explores the concept of the cover in an analog way: the green mask becomes a removable sleeve, with a matte finish, while the photographic cover contained in it is covered by a glossy varnish. The photo, when revealed in its entirety, is a true invitation to delve into Tim’s universe of invisible things, which enchants with fanciful lyrics and sensitive melodies.


Album cover


Graphic design
Isabela Vdd

Creative direction
Tim Bernardes

Isabela Vdd, Marco Lafer

Marcela Dini

Record label
Coala Records

Vinyl factory

Agui Rocca

Andrei Moyssiadis

Mistificar’s music video direction
André Dip

Case study motion design
Júnior Morimoto