Tudo que eu quero



Tudo que eu quero is the first single of Silva’s sixth album, a Brazilian singer and songwriter. Released by Som Livre record label, the single blends samba and stylized bossa nova, combining guitar arrangements with a mellow, synthesized beat. The romantic composition gains a new layer in the laid-back music video, subverting the song’s narrative through an unconventional script, adorned with whimsical touches of fantasy. It’s a mature moment in the artist’s career, infused with nods to bossa nova while maintaining an unwavering presence in the realm of pop. To mark this release, a typographic visual identity inspired by the Brazilian music scene of the 60s was created. In addition to the single’s cover, tour posters and various promotional materials were designed, embodying a solar and contrasting aesthetic with refined elegance. Just like the song itself, which sustains a chorus of few and constant verses, the identity comes to life with synthetic yet impactful resonance, capturing the essence of Silva in that specific moment of his journey as an artist.


Visual identity
Single cover


Graphic design
Beatriz Dórea, Isabela Vdd

Graphic design assistance
Júnior Morimoto

Creative direction
Augusto Mariotti

Silva’s Team
Rogério Rodrigues, Marcela Nunes, André P.

Hick Duarte