In parallel to her work with the acclaimed group Bala Desejo, winners of the 2022 Latin Grammy, Julia Mestre releases Arrepiada, her more pop-oriented and danceable second album. Produced by Lux Ferreira, the album embraces diverse references, ranging from 80s pop, rock and MPB, flirting with forró and reggae in some tracks. The debut single, also titled Arrepiada, takes off from an escapist music video in which Julia travels across Brazil by car. To round off the project’s liberating and optimistic aesthetic, letterings, tour posters and a name logo were produced to accompany the singer’s current phase. Designed with a combination of script fonts, this element translates an unpretentious sensual tropicality, in contrast to the title “Arrepiada”, present in the compositions in a more robust way. Furthermore, the materials feature a blend of effects, textures and collages that, together with the typographic choices, result in a bold and eclectic set, living up to the sonic diversity of the album and to Julia’s versatility.


Visual identity


Graphic design
Beatriz Dórea, Isabela Vdd

Graphic design assistance
Júnior Morimoto

Creative direction
Felipe Fonseca, Julia Mestre

Posters photography
Elisa Maciel

Case study photography
Danilo Sansão com direção por Mariele Scholl

Cassette tape
Várias fita

Case study motion design
Júnior Morimoto