As maçãs douradas



The Golden Apples, a short story collection by Eudora Welty (1909-2001), is considered the masterpiece of the acclaimed American author and Pulitzer Prize winner. Her stories unfold relationships shaped by family traditions in Jackson, Mississippi, Welty’s hometown. Inspired by the archetypes of Greek mythology, it has been at times compared to Homer’s Odyssey. This particular edition, making its debut in Brazil, features the delicate illustration of the apples set against a commanding typographic arrangement, striking colors, golden hot stamping, and a hardcover binding with a textured finish, worthy of a contemporary classic.




Graphic design
Beatriz Dórea, Isabela Vdd

Editorial direction
Graziella Beting

Livia Deorsola, Julia Bussius

Art editor
Laura Lotufo

Editor assistance
Kaio Cassio

Graphic production
Lilia Góes