Stay with me



Mayonaka no Door ~ Stay with Me is a Japanese city pop hit by Miki Matsubara, initially released in 1979. In celebration of the late singer’s 64th posthumous birthday, the music video directed by the Fridman Sisters breathes life into the mix by Tamotsu Yoshida, leading a beautiful tribute to the song. Unveiling a tale of platonic love within the walls of a sentō, a typical Japanese bathhouse, the narrative gracefully evolves into a dreamy, enthralling dance set against the bustling streets of Tokyo. The lettering and posters created to enhance the release of the music video incorporate graphic elements characteristic of the 80s in Japan: lines, gradients, blocks of colors, contours—combined in inventive compositions with washed but contrasting colors. The silhouettes of the protagonists suggest movement, enhancing the captivating and sinuous nature of their dance moves, ultimately creating an intriguing visual that harks back to the impossible reverie depicted in the film.


Visual identity


Graphic design
Beatriz Dórea, Isabela Vdd

The Fridman Sisters

Production company
Stink Films Tokyo

Executive production
Reiko Mori, Fukashi Yagasaki

Naoko Masuda, Shinji Ohno

Yoshiko Miyura, Tetsuji Hayashi

Direction of photography
Pierre Kerchove