Gato sem rabo



Gato sem rabo’s visual identity was designed to be elegant, functional and democratic. Focused on a gender-based demographic, the São Paulo bookstore sells only books written by women, promoting literary debates relevant to the contemporary environment in Brazil and elsewhere.

The intriguing name was inspired by Virginia Woolf’s “A room of one’s own”, in which the main character, spotting a rare and strange tailless cat, reflects on the unease that women cause in the literary scene. Through this homage, the bookstore alludes to all the women intellectuals who, despite lacking in time, space and legitimacy, had the audacity and courage to write.

The brand’s structure reinforces this tuned-in, dynamic character: it speaks volumes without having to speak loudly. The unique font for all materials, the neutral palette and sober graphics allow the books and authors on the store shelves to stand out. The primary version of the logo features a modular design that suggests the letter G, creating a kind of seal. This structure, divided into two halves, repeats itself in other drawings that compose a family of complementary graphics: the sun, a symbol of conscience and intellect, the open book, representing the act of reading and the smile, punctuating playfulness and pleasure. These concise yet powerful illustrations adorn stickers, bookmarks, bags and tote bags that are already classics in the streets of downtown São Paulo. For Instagram, the main communication channel with the audience, templates were created to address recurring needs such as promoting new releases, talks, special events, and author profiles. Overall, the applications are memorable and objective, practical for day-to-day use, allowing the identity to grow through constancy and repetition of graphic elements.


Visual identity


Graphic design
Beatriz Dórea

Architectural project

gato sem rabo team
Anais Levin, Johanna Stein, Livia Debbane, Maria Carolina Borin, Yala Araujo

Case study photography
Beatriz Dórea, Isabela Vdd