Lubs is a sexual care brand that offers products and contents focused on the development of a healthy sexuality. Combining innovation and sustainability, the brand initially released three natural lubricants and an aromatic candle. The visual identity is guided by a powerful perspective on the human body, exploring different possibilities and mesmerizing with silhouettes and textures. Through this playful approach, a highly distinctive language was created, embracing the brand’s digital and physical environments in a stimulating manner. The radial gradients, central elements in the packaging, evoke irradiating, unbounded pleasure in pulsing movements. As supporting elements, the identity also features unique 3D forms that orbit the figurative and the playful, the technological and the human, arousing greater sensorial interests. All these components come together to the quirky color palette and curved, asymmetrical typographies that accompany Lubs’ content, composing the brand’s universe: both serene and human, without letting go of a provocative, seductive edge.


Visual identity
Art direction
Web design


Graphic design
Isabela Vdd

Creative direction
Marina Zaguini

Web design
Aparelho Estúdio, Isabela Vdd

Development and coding
Aparelho Estúdio

Lucas Mayer, Rodrigo de Carvalho, Rodrigo Rosa

Verbal identity and tone of voice
Jéssica Pádua

José Xavier

Campaign photography

Art direction
Isabela Vdd

Art direction assistance
Amanda Obeid, Fernanda Santo, Joana Leonzini, Lua Nucci

Juliana Bordin, Fernanda Galindo, Miranda Luz

Laura La Laina, Rafaella Crepaldi

Packaging photography
Lorena Dini

Packaging photography retouch
Marcela Dini

Case study motion design
Júnior Morimoto