Lena is a Brazilian artisanal Cachaça from Minas Gerais, created to keep traditions alive and tell the story of this emblematic beverage in our culture. Laid-back and full of personality, the brand carries the Brazilian vernacular imaginary in its language. The labels employ varied typographies and sometimes frayed, imperfect lettering that unfold throughout the whole identity, consolidating a relaxed, careless style that invites you in for a drink. The logo, in both horizontal and vertical versions, fills in and fleshes out the different compositions, whether as a central element or in a mask-shaped pattern. The slogan and illustrated seal tie the set together with more narrative impact. Everything in Lena’s universe complements one another in a balance of contrasts: empty and full spaces, tradition and playfulness, daring and lightness, bringing balance and securing the brand a timelessness in its joviality.


Visual identity


Graphic design
Beatriz Dórea, Isabela Vdd

Graphic design assistance
Júnior Morimoto

Lena team
Caio Sahione, Lucas Scisinio

Case study photography
Beatriz Dórea, Isabela Vdd, Lorena Dini

Case study retouch
Marcela Dini