Sonno is a bedding brand that brings the dream world to reality. It is cozy, mysterious, playful and imaginative – in dreams we can travel, fantasize, face our fears and discover the unconscious. Like the product catalog, the brand’s visual identity transmits elegance and comfort, apart from harmonizing with a wide range of formats and colors present in their pieces. For the logo, a single version was made whose tilted design renders a subtle, lazy motion concrete. Complementing this, the inside of the letter O is reminiscent of an eyelid, also used in communication as a support icon. The typographic composition oscillates between the classic and the unexpected, in irreverent combinations that are adaptable according to different applications. The chromatic palette is made up of soft tones: beige remits to earth, where we are physically while sleeping and the grayish blue represents the ethereal that inhabits our unconscious while dreaming.


Graphic design
Isabela Vdd

Creative direction
Giulia Barbero

Web design
Isabela Vdd, Aparelho Estúdio

Development and coding
Aparelho Estúdio

Copy and tone of voice
Jéssica Pádua

Campaign photography
Carlos Cubi, Giulia Barbero, Lorena Dini, Marina Zaguini

Case study photography
Beatriz Dórea, Isabela Vdd

Case study motion design
Júnior Morimoto